How To Build the K'Nex 3DS Play Coin Generator

Note: The pictures are clickable to get a larger version.


Essentially, you're building a powered see-saw. The key is to get it so that it jerks a bit to simulate a step.

How to Identify Which K'Nex Piece to Use

Excluding the Motor, there's basically two types of K'Nex pieces.
  • Rods - The straight lines in the device.
  • Connectors - What connects the rods together. The snowflake-like pieces in the pictures are one form of connector.
The color of the Rod/Connector identifies it. e.g. A right angle connector is always red. Pay attention to the color to see what piece to use. If it looks like to Connectors are stuck together with nothing in-between, look closer. There'll be a tiny green rod between them. ;)

The Fulcrum/Base of the See-Saw
There's an example of a see-saw in the guide that comes with the Classics 30 building set, and that's basically what the base here is formed from. This one is a little bigger than the one in the guide, as the lever is bigger here.
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Center Pivot of See-Saw
There's a lot of detail in a small area, so looking hard at the larger version of the picture is recommended (click on the picture). Note that the red cross bar is connected to the green rod/yellow connector. The rods at the right angles are slid through the hole in the red connector. This is to help prevent twisting of the see-saw. The blue spacers are 4 on each side and 10 in the middle. Helps to keep the see-saw from sliding back-and-forth on the rod.
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Counter-Weight for 3DS
In order to make the job easier for the motor, a counter-weight is needed at the opposite end of the see-saw from the 3DS. The K'Nex Classics 30 set comes with big and small tires, so these are used for the counter-weights. Two big tires in the middle, one big tire and two little tires on the outside, and a purple connector to hold it all in place on the red rod. Pay attention to how the interior structure is setup in the last picture.
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