How To Build the K'Nex 3DS Play Coin Generator - Part 3

Note: The pictures are clickable to get a larger version.

Motor Base
The see-saw needs to be raised up to allow it to work with the motor and give it room to go up and down. By this point in the building process, yellow rods are in short supply, but two white rods + orange connector work as a good substitute. Note the two types of 3-D connectors used here. The left one is a gray connector slide into a blue connector (x 2) and the one on the right is two gray connectors slide into each other (x 8).
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In practice, the whole thing has a tendency to want to flip over towards the 3DS, so it needs braces to prevent that.

Motor Assembly
That's a red rod going through the green motor. 4 blue spacers between the orange and purple connector on the yellow rod, and 6 blue spacers between the two purple connectors. The purple connector at the end of the red rod is to hold on the blue spacers there (all the blue spacers that are left). Once the main part is put together, put red rods into the purple connectors.
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Attach the Motor Assembly to the Motor Base
The motor should hang loose. It helps in providing the jerk to simulate a step.

Attach the See-Saw to the Motor and Motor Base
Six connections. Red rods into red connectors. Yellow/Gray rods into green connectors.

Getting Steps
Slide out the blue connector from the end of the holder, note # of steps on 3DS and put into sleep mode, slide 3DS in and replace blue connector, and then move engine switch out from base. If all goes well, it should generate a 1000 steps in ~20 minutes. The placement of the red connectors is key in getting the jerk to happen, though. Too close to the fulcrum, and the jerk won't happen. Too far, and it about rips out the red rods. Try to get it where you see it in the pictures.
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