How To Build the K'Nex 3DS Play Coin Generator - 3DSXL Addendum

Note: The pictures are clickable to get a larger version.

This assumes that you already have built the regular 3DS version and want to modify it for use with the 3DSXL. Therefore, it'll only be discussing modifications of the regular 3DS version, instead of starting from scratch.

3DSXL Holder
Take out the two vertical yellow rods on the interior of the holder. Ta-Da! Done. :)
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Modify the Counter-Weight Arm
The counter weight is the wheels at the opposite end of the see-saw from the 3DSXL. The arm for the counter-weight needs to be extended a little to make the motor not have to work so hard to raise the 3DSXL. Extend it as shown in the picture. If you're using the K'Nex Classic set, you'll be two white rods short (like in the picture), but that's still okay. If you have the pieces, though, it doesn't hurt to use them to help support the counter-weight.

Move the Red Connectors on the Gray Rod
This is basically trial and error to see what position works for your setup to produce steps in the 3DSXL. On this one, the red connectors were moved closer to the fulcrum a bit, so it's worth starting there to see if steps are produced in the 3DSXL. If not, try moving them up/down along the gray rods some until steps are produced.
Also on the original 3DS see-saw, the motor was turned on by moving the switch out from the see-saw, but for the 3DSXL version, the motor had to be turned on by moving the switch toward the see-saw. Again, just try it and see what works for your version. Remember that you're looking to create a *jerk* in the 3DSXL to generate a step.

Once all this is done, the rate of step generation for the 3DSXL seems to be about the same as on the regular 3DS. 1000 Steps in ~22 minutes. Have fun!

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