The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Japan)

(M) (Y.S.)
C4347C68 0000FF01

Jesus Mode (Press R+A to turn on/off) (Y.S.)
04002F10 3C608040
04002F14 800360B4
04002F18 7C00F050
04002F1C 2C001970
04002F20 40820014
04002F24 C03E1A48
04002F28 FC000840
04002F2C 41810008
04002F30 FC000890
04002F34 D01E00BC
04002F38 4807357C
4A3D745A 00000120
123D745E 00000000
80002F0C 00000080
08002F0C 00000000
040764B0 D01E00BC
08002F0C 00000080
040764B0 4BF8CA60

Run Normal Speed With Iron Boots On (Y.S.)
040BB574 38600000
040B2D50 4800004C

Alywas Preform Dive When Jumping (Y.S.)
040B6650 60000000 

Always Take Damage From Falls (Y.S.)
040B5E34 4800012C

Can Always Flourish Sword (Y.S.)
040B9BA0 60000000

Can Never Flourish Sword (Y.S.)
040B9BA0 48000030

Walk Through Walls (Hold A) (Y.S.)
04076748 4080002C
04080DC0 418103A0
7A3D745A 00000100
04076748 60000000
04080DC0 480003A0

Climb Any Wall (Hold R) (Y.S.)
040FE130 38600001 
04082B98 54030FFE 
040B0BCC 408201F4 
7A3D745A 00000020 
040B0BCC 60000000 
04082B98 38600001

Climb Walls Quickly (Y.S.)
04388C68 40000000
04388C6C 40000000
04388C70 41000000
04388C74 41000000

Put on Ranch Clothes Anywhere (Change Clothes while Holding R) (Y.S.)
041B11FC 48000014
0421EC60 7FE3FB78
3A3D745A 00000020
0421EC60 3860002E

Link Always Wet (Y.S.)
404059B8 0032C160
404059B8 0032C360

Link's Eyes Are All White (Y.S.)
0445049C 3E000000 

Any Sword Glows with Light Anywhere (Y.S.)
040D0E64 60000000
040D0E84 4800001C

Any Sword Glows with Light Anywhere (Y.S.)
040D0E64 60000000
040D0E84 4800001C

Chicken Bombs (Y.S.)
040E3F68 2C000221

Bombs Never Explode (Y.S.)
04C5DEEC 60000000

Unlock All Portals (Version 1) (Y.S.)
0400202C 7C002378
844004FC 00100000
84400538 00000004
84400540 00000080
84400558 80200000
84400578 00200404
844005B8 00200008
844005C4 00000008
844005E4 00000010
844005F8 00200000
84400C60 00200000
84400C64 00000100

Unlock All Portals (Version 2) (Y.S.)
04453D00 804004FC
04453D04 00100000
04453D08 80400538
04453D0C 00000004
04453D10 80400540
04453D14 00000080
04453D18 80400558
04453D1C 80200000
04453D20 80400578
04453D24 00200404
04453D28 804005B8
04453D2C 00200008
04453D30 804005C4
04453D34 00000008
04453D38 804005E4
04453D3C 00000010
04453D40 804005F8
04453D44 00200000
04453D48 80400C60
04453D4C 00200000
04453D50 80400C64
04453D54 00000100
04002F80 39C201C0
04002F84 81EE0000
04002F88 820E0004
04002F8C 39CE0008
04002F90 2C0F0000
04002F94 4D820020
04002F98 822F0000
04002F9C 7E318378
04002FA0 922F0000
04002FA4 4BFFFFE0
04034888 4BFCE6F8

Link Sword Damage Modifier (Y.S.)
04087F44 60000000 
04087F4C 5400XXXX

Link Size Modifier (Y.S.)
4240BD80 000CXXXX
4240BD80 000EXXXX
4240BD80 0010XXXX

Sword Size Modifier (Y.S.)
4240BD84 000CXXXX
4240BD84 000EXXXX
4240BD84 0010XXXX

Shield Size Modifier (Y.S.)
4240BD8C 000CXXXX
4240BD8C 000EXXXX
4240BD8C 0010XXXX

Link's Head Size Modifier (Y.S.)
4240BD90 000CXXXX
4240BD90 000EXXXX
4240BD90 0010XXXX
4240BD94 000CXXXX
4240BD94 000EXXXX
4240BD94 0010XXXX

Hero's Clothes Color Modifier (Y.S.)
041244F0 60000000
041244F4 60000000
041244F8 60000000
424060B4 1950RRRR
424060B4 1951GGGG
424060B4 1952BBBB
424060B4 1954RRRR
424060B4 1955GGGG
424060B4 1956BBBB

Replace Grass With Dogs (Y.S.)
0239DC80 0000010C

Replace Grass With Cats (Y.S.)
0239DC80 0000010D

Grass Modifier (Y.S.)
0239DC80 0000XXXX

Replace Scarecrows with Goron Golem (Y.S.)
0239E514 0000020F

Zelda is always on Epona (L+R+Start on Epona) (Y.S.)
04005140 ABE30008
04005144 2C1F0224
04005148 4082000C
0400514C 38800053
04005150 B0830008
04005154 2C1F030F
04005158 40820010
0400515C 38800224
04005160 3CA0803A
04005164 B085FA20
04005168 4E800020
0A3D745A 00001060
04024F38 4BFE0209
0CA27DF0 00000000
0239FA20 00000224
040EF8E8 2800008C
0CA27DF0 00000000
040EF8E8 28000032

Replace Epona with Gibdo (Hold R) (Y.S.)
0239F8AC 000000EE
3A3D745A 00000020
0239F8AC 0000020A

Epona Is Ganondorf On His Horse (Hold R) (Y.S.)
3A3D745A 00000020
0239F8AC 0000020E

Epona Modifier (Hold R) (Y.S.)
3A3D745A 00000020
0239F8AC 0000XXXX

Actor/Object Number Checker (Y.S.)
04005000 907F0184
04005004 2C030000
04005008 41820010
0400500C A8030008
04005010 3C808040
04005014 B0040304
04005018 4815D4B0
041624C4 4BEA2B3C

Replace Sword & Shield with Darknut's (Y.S.)
42A27B30 0F783C80
42A27B30 0F798000
42A27B30 0F7A6084
42A27B30 0F7B50D8
42A27B30 0F7C7C89
42A27B30 0F7D03A6
42A27B30 0F7E4E80
42A27B30 0F7F0421
040050D8 3C808040
040050DC 808460B4
040050E0 80BD05F0
040050E4 80C40668
040050E8 90DD05F0
040050EC 90A40668
040050F0 80BD05EC
040050F4 80C40678
040050F8 90DD05EC
040050FC 90A40678
04005100 7C641B78
04005104 807E0600
04005108 57E5063E
0400510C FC20F090
04005110 4E800020

Replace Sword and Shield with Stalfos' (Y.S.)
42A26B8C 013A3C80
42A26B8C 013B8000
42A26B8C 013C6084
42A26B8C 013D50D8
42A26B8C 013E7C89
42A26B8C 013F03A6
42A26B8C 01404E80
42A26B8C 01410421
040050D8 3C808040
040050DC 808460B4
040050E0 80BD05DC
040050E4 80C40668
040050E8 90DD05DC
040050EC 90A40668
040050F0 80BD05E0
040050F4 80C40678
040050F8 90DD05E0
040050FC 90A40678
04005100 7C641B78
04005104 807D05D4
04005108 57E5063E
0400510C FC20F090
04005110 4E800020

Replace Sword with Gibdo's (Y.S.)
42A279A4 02F83C80
42A279A4 02F98000
42A279A4 02FA6084
42A279A4 02FB50D8
42A279A4 02FC7C89
42A279A4 02FD03A6
42A279A4 02FE4E80
42A279A4 02FF0421
040050D8 3C808040
040050DC 808460B4
040050E0 80BE05B8
040050E4 80C40668
040050E8 90DE05B8
040050EC 90A40668
040050F0 7C641B78
040050F4 807E05B4
040050F8 57E5063E
040050FC FC20F090
04005100 4E800020

Replace Master Sword with Death Sword (Y.S.)
42A2794C 0A203C80
42A2794C 0A218000
42A2794C 0A226084
42A2794C 0A2350D8
42A2794C 0A247C89
42A2794C 0A2503A6
42A2794C 0A264E80
42A2794C 0A270421
040050D8 3C808040
040050DC 808460B4
040050E0 80BE05BC
040050E4 80C40668
040050E8 90DE05BC
040050EC 90A40668
040050F0 7C641B78
040050F4 807E05B4
040050F8 57E5063E
040050FC FC20F090
04005100 4E800020


Link's Eyes Are All White

This code has many side effects such as strange water colors, etc.

Unlock All Portals (Version 2)

Version 1 may not work with newer versions of AR (I tested with AR V1.06). Version 2 should work on any version.

Link Sword Damage Modifier
0C3C - x2
143C - x4
1C3C - x8
Hero's Clothes Color Modifier
rrrr gggg bbbb
0014 0000 0000 (Red)
0080 0000 0000 (Red Glowing)
0000 0000 0014 (Blue)
0000 0000 0080 (Blue Glowing)
0014 0014 0000 (Yellow)
0080 0080 0000 (Yellow Glowing)
1400 1400 1400 (Black)
32CC 32CC 32CC (White)
Zelda is always on Epona

Press L+R+Start while riding Epona then move to another area. Epona can't be called once the code is activated.

Actor/Object Number Checker

Use this code to find out the number of an actor/object for use with actor/object modifiers. Actor/Object number gets stored to Rupee address in decimal form when L-Targeted. Number needs to be converted to Hexadecimal form before it can be used.