The Legend of Zelda: Collectors Edition - Majora's Mask

(M) (Datel)

Replace Ocarina Of Time With (Sintendo)
00CB2BB0 000000XX

Replace Hero's Bow With (Sintendo)
00CB2BB1 000000XX

Replace Fire Arrows With (Sintendo)
00CB2BB2 000000XX

Replace Ice Arrows With (Sintendo)
00CB2BB3 000000XX

Replace Light Arrows With (Sintendo)
00CB2BB4 000000XX

Replace Event Item 1 With (Sintendo)
00CB2BB5 000000XX

Replace Bomb With (Sintendo)
00CB2BB6 000000XX

Replace Bombchu With (Sintendo)
00CB2BB7 000000XX

Replace Deku Stick With (Sintendo)
00CB2BB8 000000XX

Replace Deku Nut With (Sintendo)
00CB2BB9 000000XX

Replace Magic Beans With (Sintendo)
00CB2BBA 000000XX

Replace Event Item 2 With (Sintendo)
00CB2BBB 000000XX

Replace Powder Keg With (Sintendo)
00CB2BBC 000000XX

Replace Pictograph Box With (Sintendo)
00CB2BBD 000000XX

Replace Lens Of Thruth With (Sintendo)
00CB2BBE 000000XX

Replace Hookshot With (Sintendo)
00CB2BBF 000000XX

Replace Great Fairy's Sword With (Sintendo)
00CB2BC0 000000XX

Replace Event Item 3 With (Sintendo)
00CB2BC1 000000XX

Replace Bottle 1 With (Sintendo)
00CB2BC2 000000XX

Replace Bottle 2 With (Sintendo)
00CB2BC3 000000XX

Replace Bottle 3 With (Sintendo)
00CB2BC4 000000XX

Replace Bottle 4 With (Sintendo)
00CB2BC5 000000XX

Replace Bottle 5 With (Sintendo)
00CB2BC6 000000XX

Replace Bottle 6 With (Sintendo)
00CB2BC7 000000XX


Replace Item Modifiers
00 Ocarina of Time 
01 Hero's Bow 
02 Fire Arrow 
03 Ice Arrow 
04 Light Arrow 
05 Japanese Flute [Fairy Ocarina] [BETA]
06 Bomb 
07 Bombchu 
08 Deku Stick 
09 Deku Nut 
0A Magic Beans 
0B Fairy Slingshot [Japanese] [BETA]
0C Powder Keg 
0D Pictograph 
0E Lens of Truth 
0F Longshot 
10 Great Fairy's Sword 
11 Hookshot [Unfunctional] [BETA]
12 Empty Bottle 
13 Red Potion 
14 Green Potion 
15 Blue Potion 
16 Fairy 
17 Deku Princess 
18 Milk 
19 Milk 1/2 
1A Fish 
1B Bug 
1C Blue Fire [BETA]
1D Poe 
1E Big Poe 
1F Spring Water 
20 Hot Spring Water 
21 Zora Egg 
22 Gold Dust 
23 Magical Mushroom 
24 Sea Horse 
25 Chateau Romani 
26 Japanese Fish [BETA]
27 Japanese Bottle [BETA]
28 Moon's Tear 
29 Land Title Deed 
2A Swamp Title Deed 
2B Mountain Title Deed 
2C Ocean Title Deed 
2D Room Key 
2E Special Delivery to Mama 
2F Letter to Kafei 
30 Pendant of Memories 
31 Map 
32 Deku Mask 
33 Goron Mask 
34 Zora Mask 
35 Fierce Deity's Mask 
36 Mask of Truth 
37 Kafei's Mask 
38 All Night Mask 
39 Bunny Hood 
3A Keaton Mask 
3B Garo Mask 
3C Romani's Mask 
3D Circus Leader's Mask 
3E Postman's Hat 
3F Couple's Mask 
40 Great Fairy's Mask 
41 Gibdo's Mask 
42 Don Gero's Mask 
43 Kamaro's Mask 
44 Captain's Hat 
45 Stone Mask 
46 Bremen's Mask 
47 Bomb Mask 
48 Mask of Scents 
49 Giant's Mask 
4A Fire Arrow w/ Bow [Japanese]
4B Ice Arrow w/ Bow [Japanese]
4C Light Arrow w/ Bow [Japanese]
4D Kokiri Sword 
4E Razor Sword 
4F Guilded Sword 
50 Deity Link's Sword 
51 Hero's Shield 
52 Mirror Shield 
53 Quiver [30]
54 Quiver [40]
55 Quiver [50]
56 Bomb Bag [20]
57 Bomb Bag [30]
58 Bomb Bag [40]
59 Child's Wallet [Beta] [Japanese]
5A Adult's Wallet [Beta] [Japanese]
5B Giant's Wallet [Beta] [Japanese]
5C Fishing Rod [Japanese] [BETA]
5D Odolwa's Mask 
5E Goht's Mask 
5F Gyorg's Mask 
60 Twin Mold's Mask 
61 Sonata of Awakening 
62 Goron Lullaby 
63 New Wave Bossa Nova 
64 Elegy of Emptiness 
65 Oath to Order 
66 Unknown [Garbage Sprite] [Japanese]
67 Song of Time 
68 Song of Healing 
69 Epona's Song 
6A Song of Soaring 
6B Song of Storms 
6C Unknown [Garbage Sprite] [Japanese]
6D Bomber's Notebook 
6E Unknown [Garbage Sprite] [Japanese]
6F Piece of Heart 
70 Unknown [Garbage Sprite] [Japanese]
71 Unknown [Garbage Sprite] [Japanese]
72 Unknown [Garbage Sprite] [Japanese]
73 Lullaby Intro 
74 Big Key 
75 Compass 
76 Dungeon Map 
77 Stray Fairies
78-FF Unknown [Garbage Sprite]
84 Great Fairy's Sword [Sprite Addressed Between Fierce Deity's Sword
   and Hero's Shield] [Strange Pallete: Purple Tint]
94 Unknown [When Chosen, The Great Fairy's Sword Shows for a Split Second]
B5 Unknown [Garbage Sprite] [Constant shifting Green]
BE Unknown [Garbage Sprite] [Sprite Sheet Addressed Between
   Great Fairy Particles]