Cabin Fever (Movie) Review

It's a really entertaining horrow film. It starts off with these 5 people going camping for the weekend. They first stop by a store to pick up some supplies (beer, lol). They make their way to this cabin and everything is going okay. Swimming, drinking, shooting squirrels and making camp fires. (You know, fun stuff)

While one person is shooting squirrels, he comes across what he thinks is a groudhog. He shoots it and it turns out to be a man in need of medical assistance. He gets a close look at the man he "shot" (It was with a BB Gun by the way), and see's that this man has some sort of disease which kind of eats you alive until you die. The man shoots this diseased guy several times again until he doesn't get back up and goes back to the cabin and pretends nothing happened.

Later that night, the diseased man comes by and knocks on the door of the cabin. He completely freaks out everyone and they end up killing him since he wouldn't listen to them when they told him to stay away. Later on, the disease starts to spread throughout the friends and they all start dying one by one, and one guy runs off all by himself, trying to avoid getting the disease.

Eventually, he is the only one left and goes back to the cabin (after a couple nights), and finds that all his friends are dead. He starts chanting "I survived" and "I made it" then when he walks out of the cabin, the government shoots him down and he dies anyway. So basically, all 5 people die. In the end, the disease somehow makes its way into the water and is then transported all over the continent. Everyone will end up dead and thus, the movie ends.

Movie Rating - 8.5/10

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