Final Famtasy X-2 (PS2) Review

Graphics - 8/10
Unfortunately the graphics on offer here aren't anything we haven't seen before. If you've finished FFX, then you will know every single area in the game. This however isn't an entirely bad thing as the areas were all beautifully made. The only problem with it was that the programmers didn't appear to have done too much work, as the main areas were already made for them. Lazy on their part? probabally.

Sound - 8/10
The music in FFX-2 is great. You have your slow melodies for the beautiful outdoor sections such as Besaid, then your moody atmospheric melodies for places such as Guadosalam. It all gels into a great package. All the voice actors return for there reprising roles, along with a few unexpected ones. Also like FFX, the voice acting is good, and realistic, none of your RE actors here.

Gameplay - 8/10
Square Enix have tried a different approach for this game, in the form of Missions. This supposedly makes the game completely non linear. You can attempt these in any order, thus progressing the game in any order you want. There are also multiple endings apparently, based on what you do in a game, adding some nice replay value. Aeons have now gone however, and are replaced by Dresspheres. Press L1 and you get a menu of dresspheres to choose from. Simply pick one, and your girl (in a barrage of special effects) change into the selected outfit, and gains new powers, like the ability to use black magic, or even guns. Square Enix have also added for the first time the ability to jump. I was quite concerned when I heard this, but this feature seems to be totally useless. All you do his hold down the circle button, and Yuna will jump or climb when she has too. Which of course brings me on to my next set of complaints.

Random battles are the devils spawn of FF games. I hate them, you hate them, even Yuna hates them. Every 5 or so steps you make and bam, you go into a battle. Not fun when you're trying to solve the sometimes hard puzzles within the game. Also, the combat is the same turn based combat system that we're all totally sick of. To make it worse, we now have the return of the ATB system, which when your bar reaches full you can make a move. This however makes the gameplay hectic, and sometimes very confusing.

Replayability - 9/10
FF games have always been known to not have any replayability. But since we have so much to do and see in this game, the need to play it again is quite high. I've even completed it 5 times now. Multiple endings, and different paths, and mini games add to its replayability.

Overall - 8/10
Although FFX-2 is in no way better than FFX, it does a good job of trying. Put it this way though. Would you say no to playing with the likes of Paine, Rikku, and Yuna?

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