Hotwheels Turbo Racing (PSX) Review

Graphics - 7/10
The game has semi good graphics, but it misses out on some features that could make it better. Also, the cars are very tiny and abit glitchy, but the levels you race in make up for that. There are all sorts of turns, twists and jumps to watch out for, and if you neglect to make a jump, then you kinda die and have to wait 3-5 seconds to come back to life and start racing again. There is a large amount of cars to chose from. They vary from big heavy and slow, to little light and fast.

Sound - 8/10
The sounds are okay, it's mostly music in the background, but you are allowed to turn that off and listen to your hot wheels car go! And if you find that you like one specific music in the background of a level, you have the option to go and put it on continuously for every level until you turn it off.

Gameplay - 9/10
This game is pretty good overall. There are stages and cars that you have to unlock, and you can make your opponents change their difficulty to fit your level of playing. It's very cool going off ramps because you can do 360's, 720's, and all kinds of tricks, you can even make up your own. At one point I had done over 1500 degree flip. After doing tricks, you get turbos to help you during your race. If you do play it, keep your eye on the track, seriously, it will burn you if you even blink the wrong way. There are tournaments where you have to complete a certain number of stages, and if you receive the highest number of points in the end of the tournament, you win. (spoilers) In the last tournament, there is only one level, the hardest one, and you have to race the 2 best cars.

Replayability - 8/10
After you have unlocked everyhting, beaten everything, mastered all the best moves, you'd think you wouldn't play it, right? Wrong, that's when you go find button codes to make your game funnier. Not the cheating button codes, the ones where you can make your car have big wheels, or make the vehicle super small, or have farting music in the background, it's great. Also one of my favorite things to do is put the infinite turbo on, wait till I'm one lap behind on the hardest difficulty, then start. That's challenging!

Overall - 8/10
Overall, it's a very good game. It was worth buying and I still play it after having it for 1 and a half years. If you like racing, this is the game to get. Turbos, crazy looking cars, the works. Enjoy, and remember, ride on!

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