Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (Movie) Review

It wasn't all to bad considering it's for kids and is a cartoon. It Starts off in the air with Jimmy in some rocket thing he created. He was trying to get in touch with aliens so he made a toaster satellite and threw it into space hoping aliens would find it.

Some aliens eventually did find it, and they were able to watch a video made by Jimmy (it was launched into space with a video of Jimmy talking about some stuff). Then a big group of them went to Earth to steal all the parents (Which they did) because the 'leader' of them thought that they would be tasty. All the kids thought it was great that there were no parents around and they were free to do what they wanted. That night they all had a giant party celebrating the 'no parents-ness', and when the morning came around, they all missed their parents. So they all pitched in and built some spaceships made out of carnival items like roller coasters and merry-go-rounds, and flew off into space in search of their parents.

Along the way they got caught up in a meteor shower, but were able to make it out without any injuries. They all stoped to sleep on a close planet, and the next morning they were off again to find their parents. A little bit later on, they all arrived at the alien planet, but got captured and put into a big cell while their parents were supposed to get eaten by a big chicken called Poltra. Jimmy was able to think of an idea to get them out of the cell, and since he is a boy genious, they all got out and faught off the chicken to save their parents. As they were all flying back to earth, the aliens tried attacking them to get them back, but Jimmy was able to get them all out of the problem with his giant ray which could make things bigger or smaller.

Overall, it was a pretty good movie. It showed what good teamwork can do, and thanks to it, they got their parents back (even though it was Jimmy's fault in the first place they all got captured).

Movie Rating - 7.5/10

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