The League of Extraordinary Gentleman (DVD) Review

Sean Connery (Allan Quatermain)
Jason Flemyng (Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde)

When a crazed masked mad man, known only as the Phantom, threatens to launch nuclear weapons, drastic action must be taken to stop him before it's too late. Enter the League of Extraordinary Gentleman, comprised of a hunter, a vampire, an immortal, Jekyl & Hyde, and invisible man, and many more who are grouped together in hopes that they can stop The Phantom.

What follows is an effects lead thrill ride from start to finish, that I just loved every minute of. With such a great collection of characters, it's hard to find fault with the film. However, I do have some, mainly the effects. They range from great, to well, not very impressive. The Mr. Hyde make up is truly amazing, along with the invisible mans effects. Some shots of the Naughtilus look abit dodgy however, and some of the set pieces used in the sinking Paris scene were abit naff. Despite that though the film is stunning, and if you're a fan of films such as the recent mummy ones, or Indiana Jones, then I suggest hunting this film down, and enjoying it to the fullest.

Currently, the film comes in 2 different packages. One is the bog standard 1 disc affair, with just the film, and a few commentaries buckled on at the end, then there is the 2 Disc version, containing the usual making of featurettes, and special effects documentaries.

All in all, the package is solid enough to warrant a purchase. The picture quality is stunning, as is the sound. It's presented in Wide Screen 16:9, so you will get those annoying borders at the top and bottom, but DVD's are meant to be watched on Wide Screen TV's. I'd reccommend you buy this film, because I'm fairly certain you will enjoy the ride.

DVD Rating - 8/10

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