The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

Graphics - 7.5/10
It's fairly good in this area. You are able to see everything that is going on. If you were to slash your sword against a bush, you could see the bush falling into pieces. The game designers must have been trying to get a realistic point of view in it. You can see all your weapons, the amount of rupees you have, your heart meter, even how the surroundings look depending on the season. (Eg: Trees in winter have snow on the top of them, and the lakes are frozen so it's ice.) Also, for the bad guys/bosses, when you defeat them, you can actually see them disappear into dust.

Playability - 9/10
Very high in this section. There is plenty to do in this game. You have to go walking around all kinds of places searching for the Bosses hideout and get through his very lenghthy maze that is put into it, defeat enemy's, collect rings/rupees, find items, and plenty more. There is also an animal that you can take control of (Rickey, Dimitri and Moosh), which come to you at the call of a flute. The weapons vary pretty well. There are boomerangs, sling-shots, swords, shields... All of the original weapons he's used in the past and more. There is also weapon upgrades if you are lucky enough to find them. When needed, you also have to think a lot about the situation you are in. There are mazes, boss levels, and even in general when trying to get around (like in some cases, you can change the season to winter or spring, and it would unvail a pathway to something that you normally couldn't see in summer or fall). So the Rod is a very important part of this game.

Replayability - 2/10
Holy bologna, does it lack in this part. Once you beat the game there is just about nothing do do except collect rings. The only way you could have good replayability is if you get the game Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. Which would mean spending just as much money as you did for this one.

Overall - 8.5/10
Overall, this game was pretty good. Kept me busy for a while and I enjoyed playing it even when I was having trouble. It made me put my mind to the test, and let's put it this way...I passed =D

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