Lizzie Maguire Movie (Movie) Review

Boy was I surprised when I sat down to watch this movie. I thought it would be bad and stuff, but it was really good to my astonishment. O_o

The music was cool, not normaly my type, but I made an exeption this time. I enjoyed the theme of it, the way it went from one thing to another and still made sense. It also had some real life action in it, like the little brother who tries to get his sister in trouble and a free trip to Rome.

I also liked the way it was orignal where some ordinary girl is on a field trip with her school, and a popular singer mistakes her for his partner (for singing), and the 2 start going out and stuff, get real "friendly," and then they are supposed to perform. Then heres were the twist comes in. The singer that she meets is really trying to make his ex-singing partner loose her job and tries to scam the new girl into pretending to be her so he wont have to share any money with his ex-parter. Yeah, did you get that?

So in the end, the regular girl is singing infront of an audience and 'his' ex partner saves Lizzi from being humiliated and saves her career as a singer. The man gets screwed and Lizzie turns out to be a good singer. Oh well, I thought this was a really good movie. So what if it was kinda a more girly-ish movie... (I'M NOT GAY!) So if you like movies with some cool music (Yes, the music in this movie was cool, I'm not ashamed to say so), and you like movies that you can relate to in some ways, then this is the movie for you.

Movie Rating - 9/10

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