The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (GCN) Preview

(Please note this is a preview of what I think of each game so far, this isnt my final review.)

The second installment from EA of one of my favourite Trilogy of movies to be released, finally gets released. It starts off pretty much as Two Towers did, dazzling you with movie footage, then thrusting you into battle without warning. You will find yourself struggling to get to grips with the controls and what is going on, but some on screen help will give you the idea of what to do next. So what's wrong then you ask? Why do you get the feeling this isnt going to be a good preview? Read On -- -- --

Graphics - 5/10
I've seen 2 levels so far. The first was okay, the second was appalling. As for the camera, why is it zoomed out so far? Characters are small and it's difficult to see where you are and who you are. I'm just not impressed at all by this presentation.

Sound - 9/10
It excels here as it features all of the original movie score, and all the voice actors are present for each character they play.

Gameplay - 5/10
The animation is jerky and controls are unresponsive. The framerate is beyond bad. It ranges from crap to utter crap. It totally ruined the 2 levels I've played so far. I died many times because Aragorn would never do anything. A total mess of game.

Replayability - N/A
I haven't completed it yet, so I cannot give a score here.

Preview Score - 6/10
I loved Two Towers. It had the graphics, the action and the gameplay of the first 2 films. This however is pathetic. If it continues on like this, then the final score will be even worse.

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