Mario Kart Double Dash!! (GCN) Review

Finally we get our hands on the next installment in Nintendo's Mario Kart series, but is it any good? Read on.

To be honest after reading IGN's review, I wasn't expecting much from this game. Plus I've never actually played any other Mario Kart games at all, so I just didn't know what to expect.

Graphics - 9/10
Truly brilliant and inspiring, it oozes the usual Nintendo style & class. The tracks are all totally different, wether it be a Desert your on, or a track made up of Sherbert, the graphics never dissapoint. They are bright, colourful, and just well...brilliant.

Sound - 8/10
The music can get on your nerves after abit, but it's easy to put up with. The character voices are a little slim With only 2 or 3 sayings per character. What sounds can you have in a game like this though? They do there job.

Gameplay - 8/10
It starts off extremely easy on the first 2 difficulties, but once you try the 150cc difficulty you will begin to be challenged, but the difficulty is never so bad that it causes frustration though, it's just right. Battle mode is great. One mode sees you popping your opponents balloons, while another mode sees you trying to hold onto a shine for aslong as you can. Also more battle arena's can be unlocked as you progress in the main game. Unfortunately I have 3 issues with the gameplay that has stopped it getting a perfect 10.

Firstly, there are only 16 tracks. You start with 12 and the rest are unlocked via Grand Prix mode. This may sound like alot, but because most of the stages are very short, they get boring rather quickly. There is some fun in searching out shortcuts though.

My second issue is items. Collecting them is easy enough, the item you get however is completely random, or so you would think. There is a 92% chance you will get a green shell from the Item boxes, and that kinda gets annoying.

The last problem is the characters. what is the point of the 2 man team thing? It serves no real purpose at all. Characters are the same anyway, it's only the karts that matter here. So having the double team thing seems like a wasted opportunity. Other than these 2 minor things though, the gameplay is excellent.

Replayability - 8/10
There is plenty to do and see, and lots of things to unlock, but overall it wont last you very long. There is however alot to come back to, with the help of battle mode and Co-op play.

Overall - 9/10
I love it. It just oozes the Nintendo class & style. Don't believe the bad reviews, just get this game as you will totally love it in everyway. A brillant game.

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