Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (GCN) Review

If you're one of those many people who owned a PSOne in the late '90s, you will have probabally played a game called Metal Gear Solid. It starred the now legendary Solid Snake, and featured some of the most amazing gameplay I've ever seen. To play MGS wasn't fun, or exciting, it was an experience, the story and characters were truly stunning.

However, times have changed, along with the technology, and what was at first thought to be amazing, now isn't. Yet MGS still has that air of quality about it. True the graphics now have taken a massive hit, but the other elements that made it great then, are still present today. So why was this game remade? Good question, maybe I can try to form an answer to that at the end of this review.

Graphics - 8/10
"Stunning Next Gen Graphics"
Taken directly from the back of the box, this is totally inaccurate. The graphics on offer I admit good, but nowhere near "Stunning." They are only stunning if you've never played a next gen game in your life, and there aren't many people that haven't. Konami and Silicon Knights have in my eyes put very little effort into the graphics here. Infact, some resemble the PSOne's quite often, and not once did I ever say, "Ooh, thats stunning." Effort again takes a knock back when you recieve your first codec call. The screen pops up, and you're of course expecting the graphical style we saw in MGS2. WRONG! These are ripped straight from the PSOne version. Where are the "stunning" next gen graphics now?

Character models range from nice, to awful. The intro is a prime example of how basic the character models were. Snake and the gang however are nice, just again not stunning. If you've played MGS2, there isn't really any improvement, and that's bad.

Sound - 8/10
When I heard Silicon Knights were doing the musical score for this game, I was excited. Who else could pull it off? Their stunning score that featured in Eternal Darkness would surely carry on to this game. Well, that's not entirely true. The music in the original version was excellent. It really portrayed what it was trying to show us, and it succeeded well. This, however, dosen't feel quite right. The music just dosen't feel like an MGS title, it just feels, well, crap.

Voices are all present and correct, and all the voice actors return. The script is all re-done however, and sometimes you will find certain lines removed from this remake. Certain characters have also changed. Mei-Ling has lost her accent, as has Naomi. This takes alot of getting used to.

Gameplay - 8/10
"Awesome NEW gameplay, including, hanging from ledges, somersaults, and first person mode"
Again, taken from the games manual, and again, not very accurate. The gameplay is in no way new, as it's all been seen before in MGS2. Also on my travels in the game, I never ever felt any need to use these moves. The only one I used was the first person view mode, and that was only to shoot out those bloody annoying cameras. Not once did I come accross a section where the other moves needed to be used.

Another feature they added from MGS2 was the lockers. Again, another feature I never used. They were probably there, but I just never noticed them, due to the fact that all the areas were exactly the same as they were many years ago. Another major annoyance comes in the form of VR missions. Sure I've never been a huge fan, but they would've been nice. Yet Konami again don't bother to include any, in the hopes that a year or so from now, they can release yet again another version of the same game (Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid VR Missions, Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance). Don't they realise that doing this crap isn't making anyone happy, and that it's just showing them off to be the money grabbing idiots they truly are?

Lastability - 7/10
I've read several interviews with Dennis Dyack, claiming that they've hidden away aload of cool "NEW" secrets. Frankly, this guy is a liar. There are NO "NEW" secrets to find here. Infact, all the secrets are the exact same thing. They're even unlocked in the same exact way. The only "NEW" secret is a boss survival mode, but that's not even new, as it was featured in MGS2 & MGS2 Substance. If by new secrets they mean seeing Mario & Yoshi on a PC, then they're idiots. A remake should surely in some way change what the original had. A remake, is to remake something, not to do it all again with fancy graphics. Take note Konami. Capcom know how to remake their games, you do not.

Overall - 7/10
Add 1 point on if you're new to the MGS series. However, I'm speaking from an MGS fan perspective, and I've seen everything there is to see in this game. Only years ago, the remake is poor, and does not live up to what MGS fans wanted. No doubt in years to come, Konami will remake all the MGS games, and again include the same dire secrets that are featured in their originals. Kudos for effort guys, but next time actually put some effort into your games.

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