Mr. Nice Guy (Movie) Review

Ahhh, a good old Jackie Chan movie. Like most of his movies, he uses his really cool moves, ability to fit through small spaces and climb up builings and walls with jumping, while trying to save the ladies.

In this movie, Jackie plays the roll of a preffesional chef. One day is is walking home from getting groceries and gets caught in between a women and a gang trying to kill her. Naturally he is able to save the women by fighting the gang off. After that, the movie goes on with the gang which keeps coming back trying to kill her. In the end, he is able to get them all arrested by plowing through the gangster's mansion in a super giant dump truck and beating up everyone who stood in his way.

It was a pretty good movie. IT doesn't go 15 minutes without a gun pointed in Jackie's face, but he is still able to get out of even the toughest situations. There were a couple of his stunts (he is able to just make it), but that's what makes the movie exciting and fun to watch.

Movie Rating - 9/10

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