Red Dwarf Season I (DVD) Review

Craig Charles (Lister)
Chris Barrie (Rimmer)
Danny Jon Jules (The Cat)
Norman Lovett (Holly)

Red Dwarf follows the story of Hologram Arnold J. Rimmer, last human survivor David Lister, and the rather odd humanoid cat, named Cat. The story starts where the captain of Red Dwarf discovers Lister has a cat aboard. He's forced to either give up the cat (which would then be killed), or spend time in stasis. Being the animal lover he is, Lister spends the time in stasis, in which time Arnold Rimmer manages to kill the entire crew after failing to seal a drive plate.

Lister re-emerges from stasis, unaware that he's actually been in there for 3 million years. The crew is all dead, and he may be the last human alive. If that's not bad enough, a crew member was chosen to come back as a hologram. Yup you guessed it, they chose Rimmer. What follows is some classic moments between the 2 characters, and their struggle to come to terms with what's happend to them. They later discover that Rimmers cat had babies, then those babies had babies, and so on. Eventually, they evolved into a human-like form, in the form of Danny Jon Jules, called the Cat. This hilariously made up character is amazingly acted by Danny, as he goes about strutting his stuff, while wearing some of the craziest suits your likely to ever see.

There's never a dull moment between the 3 characters as they spew out some of the best lines in comedy, and one of the most used words to date, "Smeg." I definately reccomend getting this DVD. You will laugh for hours, plus you can then take a gander at the Special features, and see interviews with the cast, and out-takes.

DVD Rating - 9/10

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