Resident Evil Deadly Silence (DS) Review

Well Capcom has done it again. They've brought out the old porting wagon, and released yet another version of an old classic. But have they done it justice, or is it yet another shameless rehash?

This time Capcom have decided to re-release Resident Evil. But instead of remaking it, they have ported over the old PSOne classic of '96, to the good old portable DS. In most respects the transition has worked, with nice uses for the DS touch screen and dual screen capabilities. However, it is just a port, so all the annoyances that got at you back then, will sure as hell get at you now. Thankfully though, Capcom have addressed "some" problems, but not all of them.

Graphics - 8/10
The graphics in REDS are excellent to say the least. How Capcom have managed it on such a small system I will never know, but they have, and it's pretty damn close to the original PSOne hit. The gore is all mostly intact, and the pre-rendered backgrounds mostly look great. Although some of them do appear abit odd at times.

The character models seem to have had a bit of work on them aswell, and move much more fluidly. Zombies also look slightly better now, with more detail. The biggest problems however, come with the FMV footage. Due to compression the quality of the FMV scenes have taken a huge hit, so they are blocky, glitchy, and judder like mad. But still, they're all there, just at a compromise in quality. Unfortunately once again the introduction sequence used is still the censored one, which is annoying, especially since the scene that follows with Kenneth, isn't censored.

Sound - 7/10
Sound wise everything is intact, from the dodgy moaning of the zombies, to the God awful dialogue from all the main characters, which in itself will get praise from veteran RE fans, but cause confusion, and anger from people new to the series, or people who started with Resident Evil 4.

There are a few new sound effects, and speech samples here and there, but it's pretty much the same as what you heard from the PSOne version. That is except the musical score. Some tracks have been toned down and shortened, while some tracks have been removed completely. I guess this was to cut down on space, but still, it is a dissapointment.

Gameplay - 8/10
Gameplay, like everything else mentioned, has changed very little since the PSOne classic. There are a couple of new anamations for the main characters, some of which use the touch screen, and the enemies also seem to move better aswell, and more zombie like, instead of like a robot. Capcom have also thankfully added afew new moves for the characters aswell. First being the oh so useful 180 degree turn, allowing you to quickly escape an attack. Although being attacked is still going to happen quite alot.

The second new move draws it's idea from Resident Evil 4. Holding down the L button whilst not having any weapons drawn will now cause the character to draw his knife. This is very useful, as it allows the player to quickly deal with downed enemies at the flick of a button. Thirdly, the characters now have a sort of escape move used by the touch screen. When grabbed by a zombie, if you quickly jab the touch screen your character will punch the zombie, usually killing it in one hit. Though dont rely on it too much, since you will still take damage from the initial attack.

The biggest set of new features obviously come from the touch screen. Two modes are available to you at first, Classic, and Rebirth Mode. Classic mode is a straight port of the PSOne version, but still utilizing the 3 new additions just mentioned, along with the dual screen support. Rebirth mode though is where the DS is actually used to it's fullest. At set points, your character will suddenly enter first person mode, and have to fend off enemies with just a knife. Using your stylus, you then set about swinging your knife at the on comming enemies, performing combo's, and deadly one hit kills along the way. A flawless performance rewards with a little ammo, or health. Get hurt during the attack, and your reward is nothing whatsoever.

There are also afew puzzles that use the touch screen, and the microphone. Just a shame that these bits seem abit few, and far between, but still a nice addition. A mini game is also unlocked on completion of the game, giving you 5 stages of straight FPS knife combat. Kill the enemies, and then move onto the next stage. It's totally linear, but still quite fun. Multiplayer is also included, with pretty much the entire cast unlockable for use in the Vs. and Co-op matches. Though unless you have mates who own a DS, and the game, you will never see this mode, since there are no online multiplayer options, or support.

Replayability - 6/10
This all comes down to the individual. If you have never played the game, then it will last you for many weeks, but if you have, and know the layout of the game, it will take you only 4-5 hours to complete on each scenario. And while the unlockable minigame is nice, it wont hold your attention for long, along with the multiplayer aspects. The addition of DS exclusive costumes is nice, but they really do look out of place, and may annoy afew.

Overall - 7.5/10
Overall it's a decent addition to and ever growing collection of RE ports. While the new additions are good, they essentially don't change the game, and still don't give that much replayability. Hopefully Resident Evil 2 DS will address these faults.

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