Runaway Train

This was a pretty good movie for an oldie. It starts off in an Alaskan prison with a man who has been in there for over 3 years. The warden seemed to have a grudge against him for some reason, because he kinda taunted the man a couple times for being in jail. (By the way, the mans name is Mannie.)

Anyways, one day Mannie was able to get a connection with the laundry boy (Who is also a convict), and escapes through a sewer by hiding in a laundry basket the laundry boy provided. Then as the laundry boy sees Mannie escaping he says, "Screw this, I'm leaving too," and jumps down into the sewer with him. They get to the end of it and form there on they are forced to walk for a while.

Eventually they get to a sort of train station. They get on one of the trains and at the last second they decide to get on a different one. So they chase the train while at the same time (on the other side of the train), the conductor falls off, has a heart attack and dies. The two men make it on the train, not knowing there is no conductor. They meet up with this girl who had fallen asleep before the trains departure and told the two men that the train was out of control and was probably going to crash. They are all able to avoid crashing into anything (except one thing, lol).

At the end of the movie, the warden and Mannie are in the very first cart set to crash, and they both die, while the woman and the laundry boy are in the second cart which has slowed down because Mannie detached the 2 carts from eachother.

Movie Rating - 8.5/10

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