SSX 3 (GCN) Review

Graphics - 9/10
This game has amazing graphics. The intro movie is also great. Everything is smooth and sharp. The stages are very great, with avalanches and huge chunks of ice and falling rocks. In replay, there is slow motion and has the same great graphics as regular so no doubt here.

Sound - 8/10
Music is great. It features songs sung by famous people, and some by people you never heard of. Some music you have to buy but you get a few free at the beginning. There aren't many character voices in this game because there aren't many things to say and not that impressive.

Gameplay - 9/10
The gameplay of this game is excellent. The stages are long and some are hard to go through. AI is sometimes hard to beat, especially in the final round in the race.

Replayability - 7/10
There are great tracks and many unlockable characters. You can play to earn money to buy stuff from hats, to tops, to bottoms, to backpacks to boards. There are also many characters to play as.

Overall - 8/10
SSX 3 is a great game with spectacular courses and impressive graphics. A great game that you would want to buy and try out. It might take a few hours to get the hang of it if you are new to the game though.

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