Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike (GCN) Review

Gameplay - 8/10
This game lets you play from fly, walk, control waker, ect. It is an amazingly great game, with many different vehicals to play throughout the levels. This game might take a while to beat since it tells you what to do, but doesn't specifically tell you what to do step by step. So you would have to use your brian a bit to figure out what to do. But if you've seen the movies, then you should have no problems here are all. This game goes from high speed escape on a speeder bike, to a tauntaunto, to a AT-PT, to fighter, to old fashion walking and shooting. This game also offers co-op mode where you can team up with your friends and family.

It also includes Vs. mode so you can go one on one with your friends and family. Vs. mode features Dogfights (shoot down your opponets), Rampage (destroy as many hostile targets as possible while battling against another player), Tag and Defend (destroy and capture strategic bases for as long as you can), and Special Vs. where there are special Vs. modes.

Story - 8/10
Well, there isn't much to this but the movies itself. It has a great story and sense from the movies throughout the game.

Control - 8/10
It might be a little hard if you are not an experience player. After going through trianing and play for a while you'll get used to it. There is nothing to worry about here.

Sound - 9/10
The sounds in this game are great. It's clear and has good sound effects too. The music is taken from the movies and still sound great, like you're hearing it for the first time.

Graphics - 9/10
The graphics in this game are pretty impressive. The movie sense seems to have been improved. The game graphics are awsome, and this is one of the best features in the game. The levels look very real. Even though this game has amazing graphics, there are other games that has better, but it is still a truly great.

Overall - 8/10
I do recommend this game to everyone. This is a great game with magnificent graphics, great quality sound, and great quality gamplay. Buy this if you are a Star Wars fan. And if your not, you should buy it anyway, but recommend renting first.

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