True Crime: Streets of LA (GCN) Review

Graphics - 8/10
The graphics in the game aren't that great to be honest. They're very similar to the GTA series in almost every way, but it does the job. Despite the blandness of the scenery though, the character models are quite good, but still nothing amazing. Also, the car models aren't that great either. Yhink of this like The Getaway but in LA and you will get the picture.

Sound - 7/10
It has to be said. I hate Rap music now. I was a big fan of the genre when I was younger, but now I just find it offensive. The problem is if you feel the same way, the music will be turned off for the duration of the game. Also if you find swearing offensive then you will probabaly be playing this with no sound at all.

Gameplay - 7/10
Again the gameplay is only sub-par, but it's also the oddest gameplay I've ever experienced. You see if you fail a mission you can just skip it, and go onto the next one. So basically you never have to play the same mission twice, which I've never seen before in a game. Of course if you don't complete any missions then you dont get any powerups from that level, and are forced to solve street crimes instead. Which again is boring to say the least, so it pays to complete all the missions if you can. The rest of the gameplay has been seen before though. It seems they have stolen elements from nearly every type of genre available. Yhey even have a Max Payne style jumping move that slows time down while you dodge the bullets. Framerate is also a problem here. It fluctuates quite horribly at some stages, making me annoyed more than anything else. Also no 60hz mode (PAL version), which for Gamecube is terrible.

Replayability - 7/10
You can explore the streets of LA at will, and at your own pace. But when the streets of LA look this bland, and unexciting, why would you want to?

Overall - 7/10
It's a not a great GTA clone, and although it isn't the worse game in the world, it won't win any awards for being the best either.

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