Worms 3D (GCN) Review

Gameplay - 9/10
For many people Gameplay is the most important aspect of any game, and Worms 3D doesn't disappoint. The idea of the game is to destroy all enemy worms using any weapons in your possession. Weapons range from a sensible Bazooka to an awesomely fun Super Sheep. Whether you play it on your own or with friends, this game has plenty to do.

If you've played a Worms game before, you'll know that this game really excels for it's multiplayer mode. Firstly, the best thing about the multiplayer on this, and all other Worms games, is that you only need one controller, so you don't have to have 4 controllers to have 4-way battles with your friends. You can have up to 4 Teams of worms, either human or CPU controlled, all battling it out for complete worm domination. All of your friends can create their own unique team of worms which allows them to choose there own team name, worm names, worm voices, special weapon and even their own headstones for when they bite the bullet.

In single player mode, there is a series of challenges and training missions for you to do, which unlock new missions. The Death match mode pits you against teams of AI worms in which you are awarded a medal depending on how quickly you can eliminate them. In training missions such as the Shotgun Training you have to shoot as many targets as you can within a time limit. Each target you shoot adds more time to the clock and you are awarded a medal depending how long you last.

Graphics - 8/10

I'll start by saying Worms games are not known for their outstanding graphics and realistic looks, but this game is different. The all new 3D environments look great, and while they may not be the best you've ever seen, they're perfectly suited for this game. The destructible land is excellently done. I've seen a few reports of people saying on occasions the Worm models get a little messed up when a lot is happening (like placing every worm in one place and blowing them all up), but I haven't experienced anything myself as of yet. Animations of weapons are good, you'll see homing pigeons sitting on the Worms heads waiting to be launched, and Halos appearing over worms just about to launch the devastatingly powerful Holy Hand Grenade.

Sound - 7/10

The sound effects in any worms game are great and often very fun. You can choose from a variety of different voices for you team, such as a London cabbie, who speaks with a heavy cockney accent and uses Cockney rhyming slang like "Bacon and Eggs," (which for those who don't know means "legs" and "Bread and Honey," which is "Money"). Cyborg worms which speak with robot like voices and Alien voices which use classics insults like "You throw like you build spaceships" after you miss them. I found the music in this game to be a bit loud though, often drowning out the worms voices but that's easily sorted out in the options menu.

Replayability - 8/10

The replayability in Worms 3D is all about the multiplayer mode. There's nothing more fun than competing with 3 other friends with all and infinite weapons. Sure, battling the CPU is fun, and with it's ungodly accuracy with every weapon it can be difficult to start of with, but once you play it more you'll notice however good the CPU is with weapons, it's lacking heavily in one area, and that's intelligence. Sure firing right across the map in full wind and getting a direct hit with the bazooka causing about 40 damage is incredibly cheap and almost impossible for any human to do, but why do that when you can walk up to a CPU worm and simply prod them into the water killing them. Eventually you'll get bored with wiping the floor with 3 teams of comps and realise that you really need a number of human competitors to really get a feel for how fun this game can be.

Overall - 8/10

Worms 3D is definitely a fun and great game to play, which is made better with the more people you have to play with. I must say that although I loved playing this game and believe it looks and plays awesomely, I do slightly prefer the 2D style. I'd recommend anyone to buy this but also warn that if you're worried about the 3D style to rent it first.

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