These codes modify what the maximum possible value is for Max HP, Strength, Magic, Skill, Speed, Defense, and Resistence. This does not affect luck.

The maximum value for any of those is 127. Anything higher will bring the stat down to zero. Therefore if you want to equip a bonus giving weapon, reduce the maximum by that amount.

You can end up with someone very high stats!

FE: PoR - Maximum Stat Modifiers for select characters (U.S. version)

Ranger Ike (donny2112)
049308BC 7F7F7F7F
049308C0 7F007F7F

Lord Ike (donny2112)
04930920 7F7F7F7F
04930924 7F007F7F

Swordmaster Stefan (donny2112)
04930AB0 7F7F7F7F
04930AB4 7F007F7F

Swordmaster Mia/Lucia (donny2112)
04930B14 7F7F7F7F
04930B18 7F007F7F

Fighter Boyd (donny2112)
04930D08 7F7F7F7F
04930D0C 7F007F7F

Warrior Boyd (donny2112)
04930D6C 7F7F7F7F
04930D70 7F007F7F

Sniper Shinon (donny2112)
04930E34 7F7F7F7F
04930E38 7F007F7F

Knight Gatrie (donny2112)
04930E98 7F7F7F7F
04930E9C 7F007F7F

General Brom/Tauroneo (donny2112)
04930EFC 7F7F7F7F
04930F00 7F007F7F

Lance Knight Oscar (donny2112)
04930FC4 7F7F7F7F
04930FC8 7F007F7F

Paladin Geoffrey (donny2112)
049312E4 7F7F7F7F
049312E8 7F007F7F

Paladin Titania (donny2112)
049315A0 7F7F7F7F
049315A4 7F007F7F

Princess Crimea Elincia (donny2112)
04931730 7F7F7F7F
04931734 7F007F7F

Wyvern Lord Jill (donny2112)
049318C0 7F7F7F7F
049318C4 7F007F7F

Mage Soren (donny2112)
04931AB4 7F7F7F7F
04931AB8 7F007F7F

Sage Soren (donny2112)
04931DD4 7F7F7F7F
04931DD8 7F007F7F

Priest Rhys (donny2112)
04932220 7F7F7F7F
04932224 7F007F7F

Bishop Rhys (donny2112)
049322E8 7F7F7F7F
049322EC 7F007F7F

Valkyrie Mist (donny2112)
049323B0 7F7F7F7F
049323B4 7F007F7F

Assassin Volke (donny2112)
04932478 7F7F7F7F
0493247C 7F007F7F

Berserker Largo (donny2112)
049325A4 7F7F7F7F
049325A8 7F007F7F

Beast Tribe Mordecai (donny2112)
0493266C 7F7F7F7F
04932670 7F007F7F

Beast Tribe Lethe (donny2112)
04932734 7F7F7F7F
04932738 7F007F7F

Dragon Tribe Ena (donny2112)
049328C4 7F7F7F7F
049328C8 7F007F7F

Bird Tribe Reyson (donny2112)
04932A54 7F7F7F7F
04932A58 7F007F7F

Tiger Muarim (donny2112)
04932B80 7F7F7F7F 
04932B84 7F007F7F

Sage Bastian (donny2112)
04933224 7F7F7F7F
04933228 7F007F7F


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