Message From AkuRyu

Welcome to my website for Action Replay codes for Super Smash Brothers Melee. This was the first game I ever bought for the Gamecube. I got it way back when it was first released. Being a big fan of cheat devices like the Action Replay, I always wondered what sort of things could be done to this game with one. Well now, nearly 2 years later, I finally have the chance to find out. And it has breathed a whole new life into this game for me. I hope my codes will do the same for you.

To any Datel employees that happen upon this site: I hope this will not create any anger towards me. You guys have done a lot for me in the past. You allowed me to be one of the first to enjoy the secret games in Animal Crossing. You answered my questions and were very helpful. This site is not intended to send an "in your face" message. I'm not here to brag about the codes I have made for this game compared to the ones that Datel has made. On the contrary, it is my hope that this helps Datel. I have had more people than I can even count tell me that they will now buy an Action Replay because of unofficial codes. This is win-win for everyone. You are getting sales and we are getting the codes we want. Codejunkies staff are more than welcome to post my codes on their website.

Finally, I'd like to thank Parasyte and others at the GScentral forums for making all this possible with their encryption program.

Enjoy the codes everyone! AkuRyu