The following codes are for The Legend of Zelda: Collectors Edition Series The codes created by Datel are marked as so.
(All by Jason Haffner, unless otherwise noted.)

Ocarina of Time (NTSC)

(M) (Datel) 8CTW-QRM1-FFTM7 8V76-PZNA-WM37U Y60N-EFG9-B16QE Z2K3-2XU6-D0ZYZ XCD5-765Y-HKWF3 00A3-4QN6-DHM25 121P-8KPP-0PBV9 P6FE-G03M-QGQHF 8ANC-R5GV-855GD B6UK-V5MU-EK7H2 5AK9-RBU9-H5YMU DR3W-YX5Q-7XZKT CVR7-H8B2-6TPP8 WV8X-3U73-0P4J9 ZGGE-R0VE-XEDG3 MFFV-QZ75-NQFG3 Have Boss Key, Compass & Map All Levels (Condensed from CJ) (Jason Haffner) 5489-ACG1-3WRRE Z4DW-55F5-92P6M Have Golden Scale (Jason Haffner) 6VTA-9X5P-FDFQ8 775B-90NQ-PN4UX Inf. Arrows Gerudo Archery Game (Jason Haffner) RN19-8KP1-QKA7F ZCMY-HBV2-KM9X9 Score 2000 in Gerudo Archery (Jason Haffner) JTKX-Q43D-NJ2NZ D93K-ETN7-EZTBY Inf. Carrots Gerudo Fortress (Jason Haffner) P3XH-P2EB-4NCR7 PPZX-YHEJ-7J9BX Inf. Carrots Hyrule Field (Jason Haffner) RNJ1-0MZW-5C5AY MPZ6-MQCR-HX60Q Inf. Carrots Lake Hyrule (Jason Haffner) 84BP-ZK6K-VNDGF X8EU-ZUEE-T5RVM Inf. Carrots Lon Lon Ranch (Jason Haffner) 818H-7JBV-7EC02 BM5C-JYMG-3Y5JR Inf. Carrots (Kirby is cool) BDVB-V2R4-1URUY PPZX-YHEJ-7J9BX MPZ6-MQCR-HX60Q X8EU-ZUEE-T5RVM BM5C-JYMG-3Y5JR

Kokiri Rock Boy Modifier - All by donny2112 & jaytheham

Must Be On - Kokiri Rock Boy Mod NZZD-C43Z-ZYQEM 68QG-40D7-04VHY 9A13-3073-VQBWF 5N8P-BHP4-1E16N U586-NY7T-A1K4J M1HV-UX28-5XA4D NB40-9313-DWNA2 XR4B-V5Y3-5QNXE D94D-90D6-2YQX2 7FT1-VVGN-0RWVY W1EJ-ZDG5-CZWRQ C66H-E8HZ-TZ08J 68X4-3GNZ-C2YD1 Y0T7-8H0Y-3QTK2 4571-RPE5-UY1J8 WT94-3CAG-4N07G HKKF-025D-AMPVE J8FG-ZX5T-W28RN 5E1Z-DV2G-WHXNA 24WM-AEYY-QGXE3 CDTU-T556-5C78Q 0JMW-GXVB-XKEEV KDWU-5VG9-HKTT0 WCUA-6318-XZ7XY TQNV-CV3Q-P0X89 A211-MJHH-MP97E 6EFZ-X1JJ-ZHHB1 F0ZT-35KE-N2TXB XK7E-MHCY-G43NV PAW2-804D-9HXCC 817W-VQVR-2F9X7 M5ME-4GP8-J8TGM 51BM-ZZ0T-M3J1R T4X9-29BT-HERHH ENJ0-JRHV-86R1J B78T-K308-318PP NM6H-2RVJ-DQB1G Kokiri Boy - Arwing XG2N-R5UK-YNHC6 PJHK-GMR4-1M7GK RZKR-A2GN-WKE7B BJYB-02HV-K4F43 Note: Two Arwings will appear. As long as you don't kill both, they will respawn when you reenter the area. If you kill both, the boy will be back, and you'll have to restart with the AR Code again to get the Arwings back. Kokiri Boy - Dark Link 53M2-Q7QN-1ZHHG MFE7-0KRP-P70NW 7QT4-F6TC-DNMFJ BJYB-02HV-K4F43 Note: Two Dark Links will appear. One is very jittery. Template: Kokiry Boy - < > 02002F04 0000xxxx 02002F08 0000yyyy 02002F0C 0000zzzz BETA QUEST 1 (Link Master) C10A-8MNH-70HT1 RPYE-W8TY-NFDPC BETA QUEST 2 (Link Master) 15X9-HAZV-DYKGD VJPH-VJYQ-H5KKW BETA QUEST 3 (Link Master) ET50-6GNY-20T24 B2ZW-ENHV-GYJMN BETA QUEST 4 (Link Master) RJ10-TFNK-295QN 9CBJ-JBKB-PYGZ2 BETA QUEST 5 (Link Master) F6G3-JPVZ-FMPBP 1WWU-PHP4-211PN BETA QUEST 6 (Link Master) 695E-TJFB-E5H5Q J9N2-BZ8U-KZ55V BETA QUEST 7 (Link Master) DVH2-AM3Z-KV1N9 REUK-WQFX-A6K4Y


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