The following codes are for Super Mario Sunshine (NTSC).

All by donny2112 unless stated otherwise


(m) (Datel) M24P-E7J3-5MBG8 RCNG-N966-JXDWB Jesus Mode --Walk on Water-- (Y.S.) 7BJ0-A6B7-UMDAM K1HU-XA2N-DM5EB BWHF-CNVF-3BV17 UKD7-ADPE-NUVFP BHB7-03DZ-55R25 JBW5-APTX-MHQV9 4B8D-M6Y1-F91MC 9V59-CEYV-0GMV0 H30R-GWTT-NHK2G FRM3-14R7-7FY0C FUVH-XTN3-V895V UBFH-QB6W-B9AMP AVB1-RFPE-01155 WZ3K-VVFJ-UNJJ2 6QWG-XN6Q-NMRX5 D2B9-KC2K-CE8GK BC7B-G7E0-BGAY3 4WH8-9FG8-P9YN7 6E7W-21W0-0810Q D-Pad Up/Down = On/Off Do Not Have To Move Before Triple Jump (Jaytheham & GCN Hacker87) F2W0-MFHF-05KBH U648-6PZ6-94Z6N Spin Jump Gravity - Really Slow Fall (Jaytheham & GCN Hacker87) W02V-VGKW-0N26E PGHB-E9KN-7N5JH Spin Jump Gravity - Almost No Fall (Jaytheham & GCN Hacker87) B7HC-289V-9NKTP 4NDE-QPUM-79Q0Z Spin Jump Gravity - Fall Really Fast (Jaytheham & GCN Hacker87) 7K99-92VC-5BF0Q 3YRC-N7XR-X99AJ Spin Jump Gravity - Normal Speed (Jaytheham & GCN Hacker87) UDBC-XX06-VT9J5 65YR-C7C7-HJCMA X/Y/Z Mod(donny2112)* ME0W-N7N7-PZ02E HHJ0-V09D-ZDQEJ VX6H-WDBY-RDR9Q BU92-JG3J-P48BV MDF6-C0JX-1C4EC 5P21-KBWE-THQX5 2XYC-UVBH-6M2PK B35H-F0RZ-PNPZ3 11ZT-TAUH-R2CYP 0453-ENHU-Y9Q1T 4UZ5-92VR-9Y7VW PF4T-W9WY-RZZZC 9GRW-JTTQ-C77KG F7RH-DFZ8-QF77Y F494-E1M2-1CFAA 5FE6-Z69N-RWAK1 M6UC-4XJ9-CZCCK NEAP-P15V-HD047 UQDR-UTZR-872YC Z6ZH-Y8BW-X22QE V51R-GM8D-JC9ZT 48PX-HV0H-82J9W BCH5-QKMD-8A2MD XRF9-6XA3-DHCDX GGR7-JBGV-4Y3TB C6AT-5Z2M-BX8FD 50Y3-2Q4Y-G0QER 2DTD-PD7Y-93PAA MGM6-J7F3-ZQXZY HH91-ER3U-N4ZRM F37C-7WZU-Z961W GEEJ-2G1Q-EGAZE 4WH8-9FG8-P9YN7 DP0E-3W4P-GR6X7 D2B9-KC2K-CE8GK 7YN8-W1AX-P8XM2 YXMN-0ARJ-R7074 YJ8J-7ER5-7XAY5 5321-52G4-U7531 C241-E2XZ-TA6QB * - D-pad moves you horizontally. L+D-pad Up/Down moves you up and down. You can go anywhere with this code! Ever wanted to visit the ferris wheel that you see in the distance from the main town. I saw (and stood on) the "secret book" for the first time, too. Note: You need to move around in the level a bit before hitting the buttons to move you around. All Fruit opens Yoshi eggs (donny2112) 1EVV-9GMY-0Q96G U35M-ERD3-T1RGR

Nozzle Mods - GCN_Hacker87

Faster Charge (Turbo/Rocket Nozzle) (Link Master) HB2C-TDXR-TJAGC QJAN-1GFM-HM6WM jump nozzle 1 0HRT-CYJZ-0VX8T PTKG-0UJD-CK3EH Note: Remember, pressing X+B+Start at the same time sends you back to the file select screen. full tank nozzle 1 K9A4-25Y1-JC53Y FRJU-1BE4-BA8U6 Note: This will spray water from the last place the spray nozzle was present. If you get on Yoshi and get off, you will spray from him! Replace alt. nozzle with: Hover nozzle 2 MBBW-QXPX-XR5T7 M7XE-T203-AGCVT rocket nozzle 2 FY4A-NUG2-Z5WZA BNCE-U57H-FGGQ2 turbo nozzle 2 0JPK-X63W-WVVHR 4G20-057D-ZPJGH jump nozzle 2 HYR2-ZZBB-VXYZJ VVM4-4KPH-E2Y3C Note: Remember, pressing X+B+Start at the same time sends you back to the file select screen. Nozzle Modifier (GCN Hacker87, modified by Link Master) 3DTH-V6JZ-BF3HQ 4446-JKDR-J0P8D BNCE-U57H-FGGQ2 TB9Q-2QMM-TH3AH VVM4-4KPH-E2Y3C VB4P-8P3P-QV4Y4 4G20-057D-ZPJGH 5KVZ-AFP8-AU8GK M7XE-T203-AGCVT B+D-pad Up - Rocket Nozzle B+D-pad Down - Jump Nozzle B+D-pad Left - Turbo Nozzle B+D-pad Right - Hover Nozzle If you have the Alt Nozzle activated when you change them, you have to return to the Spray Nozzle and go back (press X twice). The Jump Nozzle seems to give you the Hover Nozzle with the abilities of both itself and the Rocket Nozzle. In other words, its the same as before but you go upwards a lot faster. There's also no limit to how high you can go.

Yoshi Color Modifiers - All by Sappharad

Always Green Yoshi * 362G-D559-2FEEH 92HK-8WUR-05Z5R Always Orange Yoshi PWXX-TNXR-BTC1K 5FNE-3DRP-UKRF6 Always Purple Yoshi W79E-KQ8H-0KFP4 TCVR-NH7G-9RKTM Always Pink Yoshi PP8J-ZGA2-U2461 3FP0-2X49-JC0X1 Always Grey Yoshi * TUPN-FC2M-NEN0C EG5D-A9ZV-Z6V25 Always Dark Purple Yoshi * TUAA-D7BB-968Q7 2BJF-WAVU-9Q1Y7 Always Dark Blue Yoshi * EMVB-RYEW-DKRKU XJZ3-C2WW-3NAVT *Not used normally in gameplay, Yoshi shoots water. Yoshi Modifier (Sappharad, modified by Link Master) JM7A-7G4U-VK51K D2B9-KC2K-CE8GK 92HK-8WUR-05Z5R 4WH8-9FG8-P9YN7 3FP0-2X49-JC0X1 F37C-7WZU-Z961W 5FNE-3DRP-UKRF6 MGM6-J7F3-ZQXZY TCVR-NH7G-9RKTM D-pad Up - Green Yoshi D-pad Down - Pink Yoshi D-pad Left - Orange Yoshi D-pad Right - Purple Yoshi Pink, Orange and Purple Yoshi act exactly like they noramlly do. Green Yoshi will shoot water just like Fludd does instead of juice. Because of that, Green Yoshi cannot destroy the yellow sludge. If you eat any fruit, Yoshi will change color like he normally does. Just use the code to get the color you want back, or use the Infinite Juice code so you don't have to eat any fruit.

Water Color Modifiers - All by The Pizza Boy

Yellow 5FRU-1NCR-E9HUT KN3A-60GV-9Z22Y Purple 9MXA-FJJG-0130Q V71T-PA7H-8TY6Z Pink Q5GH-550Q-VE6HV M9AK-JCCE-YC49W Brown 6HJG-34JQ-GPVHM EZE6-38C1-Y2B0D Note: These only work in Delfino Plaza Use one heat code at a time. Insane heat waves (GCN Hacker87) 9Z46-6CBV-4FV3M ZP19-M2B4-2VPHX crazy colors everywhere! Double vision heat wave (narrow) (GCN Hacker87) Q123-HJU6-TDRDJ D7PE-T8JH-DK813 Double vision heat wave (wide) (GCN Hacker87) Z1N6-HV41-RR4QC ZF4E-BX5B-62A0V Use only one of following two. Vanish point visual distortion (GCN Hacker87) FHVQ-FH44-5BDVQ CA3N-67WE-A500F Hard to select file, activators will work if you add them.. Camera is far out (GCN Hacker87) CZZZ-X327-NHQWZ X5QU-ZJK6-WQXKP x textures (GCN Hacker87) F454-JMNR-98KP9 AGKR-VC1Z-A9WW6 use only one or two at a time. Using all three yeilds no effect! y textures (GCN Hacker87) V8VG-P3BT-W16J4 VHJG-7MPX-DMG7R use only one or two at a time. Using all three yeilds no effect! z textures (GCN Hacker87) FWZ6-NMW7-F8VPK F6JK-4JAU-5RREA use only one or two at a time. Using all three yeilds no effect! Strangely distorted people (GCN Hacker87) AT91-V7YX-524AT 3YC4-ZHCD-7HMJ5 Mute game (GCN Hacker87) 8H76-QTPM-BEP3B 3DBZ-GAN1-72XNU Magnify camera (GCN Hacker87) XQ4D-6YD1-8TGR7 9G68-XRU1-G1YX9 Warped camera view (GCN Hacker87) KZR7-CUJK-EYV2P K46D-T60Q-8830R Poorly Shaded Mario (GCN Hacker87) 9H8B-T2JF-MB93U NFXV-XW9Q-0G6U9

NTSC Japanese - All by Y.S.

Master Code 3TBT-0EPR-7AZAZ 93U1-E5NK-VZFH3 Invincible EPQA-KKAY-GTABU 3B74-MTQ6-V8UQY Jesus Mode --Revised-- XC4A-WF2J-8VR6R K920-1WDM-JEE8A GB1M-N248-1XRR0 BF7Q-1J0E-H8QGQ TPUC-MHDK-F53UF ZC84-UNBE-GDZ2N VWXZ-T0WY-05CZN ZAP2-80MP-9JCQZ EQR9-MQ34-6KF34 RP6P-GVK4-6JHK5 1QX5-YFZ3-TJXQE K8AZ-CTBH-F84EJ DJER-870C-9ZBKP W374-V4K1-69MZU 7XKH-VUVM-MGCRR U14X-ME9F-1A74B 0EDC-69TG-P4KU9 ZD3F-UV6R-670PN TE5Q-2V95-72UFC V4CN-6XCC-5JQH5 DPMF-YC66-J7U2P J8C6-BX06-46W1K 5XDK-MZA2-92B69 ZNN0-AEWR-GN4GW JRPA-5W81-9J2XT D6QU-6CWC-R3P17 MV02-JA50-JEVRR UV7E-A09P-JWKBW 3U0G-F5H2-YMDTB NWU9-VVXB-3PT99 PD4U-H43J-TVPPY BUZU-5VK5-K2TN1 E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP QXC3-RZ5W-HD5FT JVU6-0KW8-EQ8VR PWV6-KUP1-9QKCU M39U-Y6G0-BCTTP E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP D-Pad Up/Down = On/Off Must be On (Yoshi Color Modifier) 0414E3B8 4BEB4B48 04002F00 3C608000 04002F04 93C32FFC 04002F08 4814B4B4 0414E3F0 60000000 0414E428 60000000 Yoshi Color Modifier 42002FFC 0042XXXX 42002FFC 0044YYYY 42002FFC 0046ZZZZ 0000 0000 0000 - Black 0000 0000 4300 - Navy 0000 0000 437F - Blue 0000 4300 0000 - Green 0000 4300 4300 - Teal 0000 437F 0000 - Lime 0000 437F 437F - Aqua 4300 0000 0000 - Maroon 4300 0000 4300 - Purple 4300 4300 0000 - Olive 4300 4300 4300 - Gray 4340 4340 4340 - Silver 437F 0000 0000 - Red 437F 0000 437F - Fuchsia 437F 437F 0000 - Yellow 437F 437F 437F - White Water/Juice Color Modifier 0415B8A0 3800000X 041CCB40 3800000X 01 Yellow 02 Purple 03 Pink 04 Brown


(m) (Datel) RK66-GG3N-RPY68 AJ5C-C14A-GW16B Yoshi Juice Colour Modifiers 04274210 3800000X 04138CE4 3800000X 04275624 3800000X 0 - Water 1 - Yellow 2 - Purple 3 - Pink 4 - Dark Purple Mario Look Modifier (L+R) 0A3FBBF4 00000060 423FBDB4 FB9C000X 0 - No Hat* 1 - Hat 2 - No Hat + Scuba* 3 - Hat + Scuba 4 - No Hat + Sunglasses* 5 - Hat + Sunglasses 6 - Scuba + No Hat + Sunglasses* 7 - Scuba + Hat + Sunglasses * You will constantly lose life using this look* Remove Mario's Hat (JAY007) T8DP-AQGW-UC20V MTP4-9M5P-H4V61 Water Effects Linger (JAY007) B4R9-AYAE-Y1JKP 8WBW-CNBG-WB1KN Must Be On - Alt. X/Y/Z Mod (kenobi) DT75-M572-V72B3 ME5Y-FY3A-DQ0VJ KK5Z-NTMD-6BRVZ P8F3-20HF-ZP3PC NB3X-V0AU-UPQF8 7B0K-3148-5Z6MN 8F51-AJDQ-5JJ0W MZU5-GG8B-HYZTQ M6MB-UTD0-T8A3R F95W-8BR9-G4WP1 13P1-9UPX-R1681 WH9Y-86H6-VYCA5 YRZD-VX27-TMVHB 270T-ZNFK-VAKNV 7GXV-AE6T-C46QK 6GR7-DMQF-E9QPB Y3Q5-YRC6-YQ7D5 UZHA-5NCZ-K90NA Alt. X/Y/Z Mod (D-pad alone moves you horizontally, and L+D-pad Up/Down moves you vertically.(donny2112) HCFW-ZGYA-T4QC2 NCT8-6PZA-MAC8F N2V0-GYVT-277ZR 0J6Q-0U70-GZE7A A6YE-BT9V-5MHF8 E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP FAYZ-DX2Y-61MJV N2V0-GYVT-277ZR 0J6Q-0U70-GZE7A 3ZYM-JM07-BZNPV E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP PEBA-CTHU-5RXCW N2V0-GYVT-277ZR NUZP-UREP-HBXBK 3ZYM-JM07-BZNPV E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP B48P-6RFV-F6KG5 N2V0-GYVT-277ZR NUZP-UREP-HBXBK A6YE-BT9V-5MHF8 E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP 8DU3-B0TF-9UFAA N2V0-GYVT-277ZR PE0A-JZ2G-Y7DQD A6YE-BT9V-5MHF8 E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP X2HQ-VX0B-M0ZHT N2V0-GYVT-277ZR PE0A-JZ2G-Y7DQD 3ZYM-JM07-BZNPV E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP

Yoshi Colour Modifiers - All by JAY007

Always Green Yoshi 6KR5-E6BD-79TA6 50XZ-H9BN-AUZ38 Y2R6-3AP6-J9R2E Always Orange Yoshi AH3B-W2Y5-N837Q N2KN-QYW9-6N572 TFT5-C1ZM-5ZC80 ZTT0-C5YK-2Z0JF Always Dark Orange Yoshi FXHP-PJ1R-4PEWP N2KN-QYW9-6N572 R2X1-BW3X-QANMD WYRA-88DJ-NBX2D Always Purple Yoshi Y6DY-J1GA-A5P33 N2KN-QYW9-6N572 D0Y3-E0HW-J3TCM 02FJ-638Y-5FYHF Always Dark Purple Yoshi HUFZ-J98B-68QC1 N2KN-QYW9-6N572 YYZ9-ZGMM-X6VYB 02FJ-638Y-5FYHF Always Pink Yoshi ANKY-8G3R-FDM1M N2KN-QYW9-6N572 HGX4-X324-KVT87 02FJ-638Y-5FYHF Always Dark Pink Yoshi 24ER-RWQ3-V2W8G N2KN-QYW9-6N572 0HV7-MKR0-Y68D0 9663-ZCJF-1MR3J Always Red Yoshi JCQJ-CVH6-BAUUT N2KN-QYW9-6N572 YYZ9-ZGMM-X6VYB ZTT0-C5YK-2Z0JF Yoshi Colour Modifier (Unencrypted) 04266DCC 60000000 04266E0C 3800XXXX 04266E44 3800XXXX Invincible (Ralf) 2GXW-D0ZE-HQVT4 DHHU-HJF6-YCJ56 Super Throw Power (Ralf) F80E-P7KC-UGKMC GBV4-HMP2-YEK67 Faster Charge (Turbo/Rocket Nozzle) (Ralf) C9JM-V4UN-2FQUG 5QK1-AKT9-56BZ6 Do Not Have To Move Before Triple Jump (Ralf) CCR9-57D9-937FT 4A30-QJ2B-VHHAG Poorly Shaded Mario (Ralf) AHU2-VAV9-T2RVY 65WY-XJ66-EH22X Strangely Distorted People (Ralf) G163-3Z5N-ENGDX Y664-T4HF-R3THM Jesus Mode On/Off (Press DPad Up/Down) (Ralf) 17PG-DJE7-Y2BEQ 4R19-T8UX-J9X04 8WM6-92J9-ZY85Z UKD7-ADPE-NUVFP BHB7-03DZ-55R25 JBW5-APTX-MHQV9 4B8D-M6Y1-F91MC 9V59-CEYV-0GMV0 H30R-GWTT-NHK2G FRM3-14R7-7FY0C FUVH-XTN3-V895V UBFH-QB6W-B9AMP AVB1-RFPE-01155 WZ3K-VVFJ-UNJJ2 6QWG-XN6Q-NMRX5 AD10-3R62-YBD91 HNTJ-BZH1-5XF32 DK0Z-58PQ-1FX22 1T2W-0RKF-J7W7A Climb Any Wall On/Off (Press DPad Left/Right) (Ralf) N9U0-YDM1-PVJTV 8DU3-B0TF-9UFAA QDHF-M9RC-0YQ26 65X5-FKJ1-4FY1V ZVCK-FXVH-1TEFB 0W8J-YE7B-DM85Z MJC3-UJQ8-7VY1H NWVU-1HXP-2UMP3 CPH8-546E-QMR0J E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP X2HQ-VX0B-M0ZHT GQ1M-MJMJ-JHZ10 KY2X-0DMN-4HHEH 7PCJ-BRHR-P9YGB H3UH-XTNZ-NGWFB 5VP4-KXJB-QHDEC CU89-N8RB-6PJF3 FTTZ-598K-HCQXK E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP Super Hover Height (Ralf) UK9W-BX3M-UWX55 DX0C-UN7R-3E9YD 4NX8-BRGM-1CQYC D1ZH-817F-JU34X NCEG-43YB-ZVDKY TTD0-EN8W-KA20N V1GP-N1K6-GW9XR J5TQ-W4MH-F8QY5 XF8C-Y24Y-BYJ41 GD1X-YYPE-V4BP5 A6N8-XCR8-6Q2EW This Code Must Be On (Ralf) 4GH3-HB12-QGA0V YH6C-M38C-BKGCA Note: This code is essential for smooth size modifying (PAL only). Mario Size Modifier (Press DPad Up/Down/Left) (Ralf) GJK7-3NBT-7R7NN 00EC-U9PE-NP5ZZ CV63-J3WA-94TA7 68D5-R50R-VK0CK H5P4-TVPE-UEUXQ 818G-PA66-1T3DH FDKB-C31N-7CPGA YFZ2-0Y9Z-T282G 6XJ2-9J1Y-1KNAP 363N-HC9U-5XUH2 8RFP-WYGY-XU9WC 5WYV-VDDF-23XGU W4GF-U05E-0PX81 AB95-EATW-QMFWE MKN8-0H88-YVE0C DK0Z-58PQ-1FX22 7HGP-7B4V-CZW7P AD10-3R62-YBD91 9V3P-GG2E-N46P6 DPad Up = Grow DPad Down = Shrink DPad Left = Normal/Reset & Activate Code Play as Paper Mario (Ralf) CZAG-TGC6-6PBXX MKN8-0H88-YVE0C 00EC-U9PE-NP5ZZ CV63-J3WA-94TA7 68D5-R50R-VK0CK YB5Q-ZTHK-FMHG2 818G-PA66-1T3DH ZP35-641T-R6748 KJ7K-H70W-PFW6G CWWF-4C77-ZUC6Z P553-0H87-XP215 Note: This code doesn't work with size modifier codes turned on. COLOR MODIFIERS Yoshi Color Modifier (Ralf) 00000000 843973C4 rrggbbFF 00040001 rr = Red (00 .. FF) gg = Green (00 .. FF) bb = Blue (00 .. FF) Red Yoshi (Ralf) 00000000 843973C4 A82020FF 00040001 Green Yoshi (Ralf) 00000000 843973C4 40A124FF 00040001 Blue Yoshi (Ralf) 00000000 843973C4 1428BEFF 00040001 Red Yoshi (Ralf) 06HM-U3H4-GGNKX BV95-7MCZ-EP67F JQFH-GJEM-RYY2U Green Yoshi (Ralf) Z50Q-MHE8-02QND BV95-7MCZ-EP67F EQT1-JU3R-6P0NF Blue Yoshi (Ralf) G630-040W-AJMA7 BV95-7MCZ-EP67F QNQZ-JXH8-P5TV1 Yoshi Juice Color Modifier (Ralf) 00000000 843D507C rrggbb6E 00030001 rr = Red (00 .. FF) gg = Green (00 .. FF) bb = Blue (00 .. FF) Red Yoshi Juice (Ralf) 00000000 843D507C C00B286E 00030001 Green Yoshi Juice (Ralf) 00000000 843D507C 56A8186E 00030001 Blue Yoshi Juice (Ralf) 00000000 843D507C 0A32CC6E 00030001 Water Yoshi Juice (Ralf) 00000000 843D507C 3C467814 00030001 Red Yoshi Juice (Ralf) 4HNB-8A3Z-WYFM6 1P4H-RAZT-VKV9H 0XEV-YXHK-CU5JW Green Yoshi Juice (Ralf) M7KY-0K6Q-AYJNM 1P4H-RAZT-VKV9H MA46-YVK3-PJK5J Blue Yoshi Juice (Ralf) 4KV7-HG1U-FGMWJ 1P4H-RAZT-VKV9H 65ZJ-QMJ6-15DF8 Water Yoshi Juice (Ralf) K26U-NWB4-4U7PK 1P4H-RAZT-VKV9H GJ1F-R6AA-J35Z8 Water Color Modifier (Ralf) 043D5078 rrggbb6E rr = Red (00 .. FF) gg = Green (00 .. FF) bb = Blue (00 .. FF) Red Water (Ralf) 043D5078 9422186E Green Water (Ralf) 043D5078 3C78466E Yellow Water (Ralf) 043D5078 E8E0326E Red Water (Ralf) YEBY-EZ5X-QJ1Y2 ZZVZ-WFQT-D6U3E Green Water (Ralf) PHK4-34XP-MF091 Q3B6-MJNY-ZZ0E8 Yellow Water (Ralf) PP7W-8H1T-TCCX5 1D63-YZUM-7TKJG Fixed Camera Position On/Off (Press DPad Left/Right) (Ralf) 3H6T-BFHE-CG7F4 3RFV-F1HZ-G81JP 4JPU-1FVK-X9AV7 76PP-74GP-QRPJH 3GYC-VNGW-6T36E Unrestricted Camera Distance (Ralf) XHKW-BHV7-PBV9X W6GA-HGTF-3Z8PD PX1P-86MT-97QVR Min Camera Distance Modifier (Ralf) 0036cbe5 00000052 04406a88 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx = Min Camera Distance (IEEE-754 Floating-Point Number, default = 43FA0000 = 500 dec) Max Camera Distance Modifier (Ralf) 0036cbf1 00000052 04406a8c xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx = Max Camera Distance (IEEE-754 Floating-Point Number, default = 44FA0000 = 2000 dec) Mario Anim Modifier Codes Mario Gets Hot (Ralf) MWZQ-3M42-PM4CY 3HCR-4VCF-FYHP3 Mario Rides Yoshi Real Hard (Ralf) ZK1P-FMB1-G0M4R HF7P-G3G2-707DC HVN2-DQRE-ZP3YM Mario Is A Sleepwalker (Ralf) TVHF-KG3P-8BXUK WHM2-Q2K7-ZJBJ7 V76Y-1Q5N-YE7Z9 CDPP-1U73-331CU NDVG-13R9-T2AQX EMB8-AG4J-7YQZT 6HPH-K3A8-4NH5K


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