Super Smash Brothers: Melee

You thought Datel had the best/only codes for the best selling game on the Nintendo GameCube? You were mistaken. :-) Play as Giga Bowser, Master Hand, Metal Low Gravity Female Wireframe on the Beta Stage with One Hit Kills and Invincibility for you? Got it all.

Many hackers worked on this game, but I want to especially call out thanks to Akuryu (initial hacker and site founder; all codes without explicitly mentioned credit are his), JAY007 (PAL hacker extraordinaire), Rune (GSCentral veteran and char/level mod, debug discoverer among others), and donny2112 (converted most of the codes the previous guys found :-p, and forum head). Again, there are many more people who worked on this game, but I just wanted to mention a few. Credit is given on the codes themselves for the legion of hackers who worked on this game.

Carefully choose your version (3 different one's for the U.S. and PAL for Europe; see here for help determining your version) and get to enjoying the game as only Nintendo's testers had before.
Version 1.0 Codes

Version 1.1 Codes

Version 1.2 Codes

PAL Codes


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