Control Switch

The control switch codes are actually a varient on the control codes. Those codes basically let you take control of any character on the screen. These versions give you a few extra options (at the expense of a few extra lines). Now you can not only take control of a computer character, but you can return control to the CPU as well. You can even let the CPU take over for your character!

These codes have the advantage over the previous codes because now you can control the switch process. This is done through button presses. During the fight you can press a button combo and take (or relinquish) control of any character you want. Here are the buttons to press:
L + D-pad left - Player 1 human
L + D-pad right - Player 1 CPU
R + D-pad left - Player 2 human
R + D-pad right - Player 2 CPU
Z + D-pad left - Player 3 human
Z + D-pad right - Player 3 CPU
Y + D-pad left - Player 4 human 
Y + D-pad right - Player 4 CPU
Being able to control the switching is not the only advantage. You can now use these codes in any mode (including Adventure). There are some rules to follow though. NEVER use one of the button combos when the cooresponding character is not on screen. For example: You would not press Z + Dpad right if there was no player 3 On-screen. It is important that the character you switch is on screen at the time or the game will freeze (much like the previous versions of the codes).

Of course you can do all of the things you could do with the older versions of the codes. These sound a bit complicated at first but once you start using them I think it is easy to pick up the controls. And of course you can continue to use the old codes if you'd like.


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