Super Smash Brothers: Melee Challenge Codes

Super Smash Brothers: Melee Challenge Codes

As you know our aim at ARC is to make your gaming experience easier, or to let you see things you cant normally see, or do things you cant normally do, we've always given you the upper hand in the gaming realm.

What if the tables where turned though? What if ARC gave you codes that make the game have the upperhand, and made things just that little bit harder.

The following list of codes are just that, codes that will make getting through Super Smash Bros. Melee just that little bit more difficult, codes that will show you just how evil a game can be.

Try these out, follow the directions and see how you do.
Any comments, or Challenge codes you want us to hack, let us know on the forums. :-)

Timer Challenge* (PAL Only) (JAY007 & Akuryu) 70V4-6KQ0-847H6 RV60-J6MV-RJERK U828-TXB8-2J8NQ KCFT-8TPY-11026 470P-B2WG-8J5AX 378G-7VAA-9CZ4Q 728Q-W6D6-G8Q0T
20 Second Target Test** (PAL Only) (JAY007 & Akuryu) 890R-YX03-7K1G8 UF8N-QVBB-AAY70 YQ0E-9W1K-TRV8H

* This code is designed for Classic Mode ONLY This code is hacked in away, that when the timer hits 4 minutes exactly your damage will goto 999%, and will stay like that until you win the round, or you lose all your lives and continue. So basically you have 1 minute to beat each CPU opponent, or you will be killed by one single hit. I advise sticking the game on Very Hard, and see if you can beat it under these conditions. :-)

** Self Explanitory this one. Simply complete a chosen characters Break The Targets stage within 20 seconds, or you die. See if you can beat them all. ;)


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