Version 1.1 - Clone Partner Codes

(All by donny2112 and Y.S.)

Each player gets a CPU clone that fights for them:

Player 1 number of clones
04002F00 0000000X

Player 2 number of clones
04002F04 0000000X

Player 3 number of clones
04002F08 0000000X

Player 4 number of clones
04002F0C 0000000X

Player 5 number of clones
04002F10 0000000X

Player 6 number of clones
04002F14 0000000X


- Just because you start a 4 player match with 3 clones each doesn't
  mean the gamecube has enough processing power to handle it! I made
  3 clone codes because they're neat, but depending on which characters
  you're using, the game may be really choppy or slow. Not really
  anything we can do about that. 
- For all of these codes, once the clone dies, it stays dead. (Mostly...
  With the two or three clone codes, sometimes odd things might happen.
  Actually,odd things might happen with all of these codes.) 
- The "cpu clones that fight for you" codes mean just a character that
  looks like yours that acts on its own as a regular cpu player. 
- The "following your moves exactly" codes mean just that: both are
  spawned at the same point and do exactly the same thing. It can be
  hard to tell at first that you even have multiple characters.
  (Wait a bit, the idle animations usually give it away.) 
- Grabbing Bunnyhood, Mushrooms, Metal Boxes enemy or other items can
  seperate the clones in exact copy mode. 
- Grabbing a whacking item, will give you that Ice Climbers
  effect of Combo 'ing 
- If you get seperated you just run against a awall, if no walls
  you can R<- or R-> if you're on the same ledge. 
- Remember only one person can grab a ledge at a time! 
- Using the Custom Hover Name Tag, highly recomended. 
- If you die before your clone... with the exact following codes,
  you come back with 0% and no lives lost, and it's just you alone.
  (virtually twice the lives.) 
- Fought Multi Kirby in Adventure and it froze. 
- Fought against Zelda, she tried to transform and froze the game. 
- Try not to kill more than 5 enemies at once, the game will freeze,
  No bonus for 6 and higher. 
- Ice Climbers HRC freezes. 

Note to porters:

This is actually not as bad as it seems, if you can port one of these,
the other two of the same type should just be a matter of recomputing
some branch instructions, and the "cpu ally" vs "exact mimic" codes
are all identical except for the third line, and the change
(0x80 to 0x2A) should work for all the versions.


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